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The Number One Way To Eat More Salad

This might sound simple, but doing this one task every time I get a head of lettuce has greatly increased my salad intake. For a while I would get lettuce (spinach, kale, arugula, or whatever) and it would just sit in my fridge until it wilted and died a sad, uneaten death. The challenge for […]

Red Radish, Red Kale and Red Onion Hot Salad

I’ve been trying to figure out more and more ways to create dishes that are all or 95% vegetables. It’s a satisfying way to clear out the last of a batch of produce before it goes bad. It also creates really healthy dishes that I don’t feel bad if I end up inhaling the entire […]

Why Are You A Vegetarian?

Probably the most common question I get when I meet new people and tell them I don’t eat meat. It all started for health reasons. In 2008 I was working on a feature film in the Visual Effects department and was inhaling everything that came my way. “Would you like the fish, chicken or steak? […]