5 Awesome Cooking Prep Videos

These are a handful of cooking prep tips that I’ve learned over the last year or so that really improved my cooking and reduced my frustrations. I’ll post more tip videos as I find the ones that I think are the most useful. If you have any that you’d like to share, please post them in the comments!

How to Make Vegetable Stock / Broth


This is generally how I do it, but I also add at least 1 cup of salted water using kosher salt at the beginning of boiling the veggies and then add additional salt at the end if it needs it. Awesome use of veggie trimmings or vegetables that are about to go bad.

I originally learned how to make the stock in the The Hot Knives Vegetarian Cookbook: Salad Daze.

How to Prepare Garlic

How to Chop an Onion

How to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

How to Cook Perfect Quinoa

I always use veggie stock when I cook my quinoa.

The featured image for this post is curtesy of usarmyafrica under the creative commons license.
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