About The Dude

Oh, hello internets! My name is CJ Bruce, I’m an internet entrepreneur and lover of all things food (except animals, of course). I’ve been an online nerd since the early days of the internet logging into Prodigy and chatting on IRC. In 2008 I started getting real about building an internet business and ran a company specializing in online video marketing. I’m now at my second company in the interactive video advertising space focused on technology that makes video ads more enjoyable and effective.

My love of food started very early on. I always loved to eat, sometimes to a fault, but never really got interested in cooking until I got to college. I started experimenting with things here and there, but didn’t dive deep into really trying to be a chef (still trying) until I became a vegetarian about 6 years ago. For some it might seem counter intuitive that cutting out meat made me more creative in the kitchen, but it was then that I had to learn to be a better cook to expand my eating options. Carbs and cheese can only get you so far.

Two years ago I decided to really start cooking a lot more so I could learn why things tasted good and how to come up with my own recipes. Last year I made a resolution to actually record at least 50 recipes which really helped me get a better understanding of what I was doing and how to improve. Now this year, I am launching this blog to continue my journey into the food world by participating and contributing to it.

I’m currently living in Los Angeles frequenting craft beer hubs, farmers markets, and concert venues. You can follow me on Twitter @cjbruce.

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