Potato, Mushroom, Cheese Bake (Gratin)

This thing kicks ass. #humblebrag. The cheese, mushrooms and potatoes work so well together it’s hard to stop eating it. Per usual, I baked it in my all purpose cast iron skillet. It works well as a main dish or a rich side dish depending on what kind of mood you are in and where […]

LA Vegan Beer & Food Festival 2013 Review

A couple months ago I was doing some googling to try and find an all vegetarian food festival. I had gone to my first proper food festival back in September at Feast Portland and it was awesome. The only thing that would have made it better was being all veggie friendly. This is how I […]

Why Are You A Vegetarian?

Probably the most common question I get when I meet new people and tell them I don’t eat meat. It all started for health reasons. In 2008 I was working on a feature film in the Visual Effects department and was inhaling everything that came my way. “Would you like the fish, chicken or steak? […]